Turkey-A Tourist Deatination

Turkey is formally known as Republic of Turkey and is a Eurasian country which is located in Western Asia. It is bordered by 8 countries. Turkey is an independent state with its official language as Turkish which is also the mother tongue of 85%of population. The majority of population is Muslims.

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Few of the destinations worth site-seeing are as follows:
•Alacati: Alacati is a village which is situated in Central Aegean. The Greek architecture is worth seeing. The people inhabiting the place are also quite helpful and very good-natured. Windsurfing is also one of the option available in this village apart from site-seeing. The mode of transport for visiting the place is a bus which starts from Izmir’s otogar.
•Cappadocia: In Cappadocia there are various volcanic rock formations and they are located in the Goreme National Park. It is one of the eminent tourist fascinations. The most amazing feature of this matchless network of caves and tunnels is that it is stretched over 11 floors and the depth is 85 meters.
•Blue Lagoon: Blue Lagoon is placed in Ölüdeniz. It is also one of the famous destinations in Turkey. It is well-known majorly for its beaches. The scenery is very pleasing to look at. The environment is quite beautiful and tranquil. The waters are very crystal clear. Many water sports are available. Paragliding is one of the water adventures. The tourists should make a note that the beaches are open only till 6:00 PM.
•Istanbul: It is one of the largest cities in Turkey. Istanbul owes its uniqueness due to the fact that it sits on two continents Asia and Europe. Istanbul has a rich history and very beautiful cultural background as well. Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace are worth seeing which are located in Istanbul’s old city.
•Sumela Monastery: It is located in Trabzon province of North East Turkey. The monastery is very well-built. It is very fascinating to look at how the monastery is standing just on a rock. It was founded in 4th century by a monk.
•The Library of Celsus: It is one of the most ancient buildings in Ephesus, Aegean Turkey. This library has 2 stories. In the front of the library there are 4 statues which represent wisdom, virtue, thought and knowledge.

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The best time to visit Turkey is during the spring time because the weather is very nice neither too hot nor too cold. The second best season to visit the place is autumn. Summer is a big no as it is quite hot and even winters are quite chilly and rainy.

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