What to do in Mexico

What to do in Mexico


Even the most ambitious travelers face difficulty in exploring Mexico city, so you should carefully plan your vacation. Popular activities include exploring temples and cultural institutions.

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Museo Temple- Museo and Templo Mayor is an archaeological site that highlights the eminent pyramid of Huitzilopochtli that was unearthed way back in 1976. The pyramid is one among the famous spiritual temple of the Aztecs.


Frommer is of the view point that no other museum resembles the same varies and splendor similar to that of Aztec Empire, so it is a must see attraction for all those who are interested to learn more about Pre Columbian Mayan history. The temple.


The museum highlights the chronology and architects of the site.


Chapultepec Forest- It is one among the main park of the Mexico City, Chapultepec Forest that was a temporary abode of Aztec empire after the citizens migrated to the modern city of Mexico in the 13 th century. Today, Cgapultepec is Mexico’s largest  city and most eminent park and gathering place for families.


Teotihucan- It is one among the UNESCO heritage site in the Mexico region that contains some of the largest Columbian pyramids. The site contains majority of the popular construction like Palace of Plumed Butterfly that showcases columns of winged creatures, pyramid of  sun that sits in the heart of the city. The adjacent museum, Museo de la Sitio holds artifacts from the ancient period.


While majority of travelers are amazed to see the daunting museum, some have question regarding the facilities available.There is nothing like obtaining information from people who sell trinkets.

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Metropolitan Cathedral-It is the national cathedral of Mexico and this ornate church was once a site of ancient Aztec empire, so it is housed by spiritual core. The cathedral was built way back in 1573 and 1813 after the conquest of Tenochtitlan and it is considered as one of must visit attraction.


The highlights of the cathedral include five naves and 14 chapels and paiting of famous Spanish artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo and underground catacombs. The  cathedral is open on daily basis and admission is free on cost basis.


Zocalo-  it is officially called as Plza de la Constitucion and it is one of the famous public square and most recognizable places in the Mexico city. It is a centerpiece of various public gathering since the time of Aztecs. The site hosts religious events on annual basis. Several historic buildings border this square, including the city’s national cathedral, national palace and federal buildings.


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