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Boracay - Philippines Beaches

The Philippines is a wonderful place that you can go ahead and visit if you are interested in the idea of visiting an exotic destination in the continent of South East Asia. The Philippines is homes to some of the most beautiful sights in the whole world.

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Miag ao Church UNESCO World Heritage Site Philippines 300x190 - What to see in Philippines
There are quite a few well known places in the country of the Philippines that have been designated by the UNESCO as world heritage sites. The world heritage sites comprise of European style churches, mostly the churches that were constructed when the Portuguese were in power over here. The churches in the country of the Philippines reflect both a baroque as well as Romanesque style of architecture and are serene places that one can visit.

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There are quite a few gorgeous beaches which you can explore in the country of the Philippines. The beaches in the capital city of manila for instance, are places where you can engage in a number of delightful activities like fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. If you are fond of building sandcastles or playing games like beach volleyball, you can certainly go ahead and do so in the country of the Philippines. Rental cars can take you to the beaches in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Blood Impact

This is a historical destination in the Philippines and is a place that you can visit in order to under the history of the country and the role that it had to play in the Second World War. Time for accessing the site is between ten in the morning and five in the afternoon. There are no restrictions of any kind on photography and this is quite freely allowed.

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National Parks in Philippines

There are more than sixty to seventy national parks which you can go ahead and visit when you are a tourist in the country of the Philippines. The National parks in the city are those that are protected by the state authorities and you can take part in activities like hiking and mountaineering when you visit this destination. The National Parks in the Philippines do not charge too much money from tourists and they are well within the means for travelers from diverse economic backgrounds.

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The city of Manila which is the capital of the country and all other major destinations are popular points of tourist attraction simply because they are home to some of the finest malls in the whole world. The beach side stalls are in particular worth visiting as it is here that one can come across authentic Filipino garments and accessories and that too for the cheapest possible rates. The rental car services which are there in the city can be used by you to move around the beach side stores in the various cities of the country without much trouble at all.

Other Places to Visit in the Philippines

Shops: Green Hill in Metro Manila and SM Department Store

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