What to Visit in Las Vegas

The Venetian Las vegas

Las Vegas is a prominent city in the country of North America. It is situated in the state of Nevada and is located on an arid strip of land. It is famous for gambling activities and a thriving nightlife scenario all through the year.

The Venetian
The Venetian Las vegas 300x199 - What to Visit in Las Vegas
This is a very well known casino in the city of Las Vegas and is a place that travelers are known to flock to in order to take part in gambling activities. The casino is done up in a Venetian style and almost looks like a miniature version of the Italian city of Venice. Tourists of all possible budgets can have a good time over here and there are some wonderful deejays nights held here every week end.

Erotic Heritage Museum

This is a museum which is dedicated to the sexual revolution which took place in the country of America and is open between Monday to Saturday. Interested tourists can visit the museum from ten in the morning to six in the evening. The exhibits at the museum contain explicit content and those who are under eighteen years of age are not allowed entry. Tickets need to be bought for the purpose of entry to this particular museum.

Volcano at the Mirage
Volcano at the Mirage Las vegas 300x199 - What to Visit in Las Vegas
The Mirage hotel in the city of Las Vegas in America is known to be the site of artificial volcanic eruptions. This is quite a thrilling sight and those who are travelling with their families can visit this place in order to give themselves as well as their children a really good time. The volcanic eruptions at the Mirage hotel are known to take place in regular intervals and give those who view them an amazing feeling within.

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Gold Nugget Casino
Gold Nugget Casino Las vegas 300x154 - What to Visit in Las Vegas
This is quite a famous casino in the American city of Las Vegas and you can visit this destination in order to be able to take part in the most exciting of gambling ventures. The Golden Nugget Casino is very strict about who can play the gambling games and who cannot. Those who are below eighteen years of age are denied any entry at the gambling tables. The Golden Nugget casino is open on all days of the week and is the busiest every Sunday.

Red Rock Canyon

This is a natural attraction that lies a few kilometers away from the main city area of Las Vegas. You can visit with the help of the rental car services in the city. The Red Rock Canyon is located in the arid landscape and there are guided tours which you can avail of in order to make your way to this destination and understand the significance and history of the structure. You can also take part in a number of activities like climbing and hiking at the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.

Other Places to Visit in Las Vegas

Museums: The Mob Museum

Parks and Gardens: The Southern Nevada Zoological Gardens

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