Yeh Sanih, A Natural Bathing Place In Bali

Yeh Sanih

Yeh Sanih - Yeh Sanih, A Natural Bathing Place In Bali

One more tourist attractions must be visited when the Bali Yeh Sanih is located about 17 km from the city of Singaraja. So what should been to Yeh Sanih? Because the springs are different from the other springs, the spring water comes from underground rivers originating from Lake Batur. Yeh Sanih is also not arbitrary because the water attractions are also considered sacred, so often used for religious ceremonies for Hindus.

Yeh Sanih also famous for natural place. The most interesting of course because of its location adjacent Yeh Sanih Lovina Beach so that could also visit the beautiful beaches. These baths tekenal away from the crowd so the atmosphere is so tranquil, quiet and very conducive for those who come in order to calm down.

In addition to bathing in Yeh Sanih and been to Lovina Beach Resort, here too there area a place of pilgrimage for Catholics that Mary Air Sanih Goa which is located close to the Air Travel Sanih. To reach the cave, you can simply pass a small bridge. And approximately 20 meters away next to no clue kananya Pakraman, Banjar Yeh Sanih. And not far from where Goa Maria Sanih already visible.

Yeh Sanih area near the sea is relatively comfortable for swimming and water sports activities such as surfing, or just lay down and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the black sand beaches sparkling. The attraction around there are some small inn and restaurant that you can also flown if necessary.


Attractions located in the hamlet Yeh Sanih, District Kubutambahan which is about 17 km to the east of the city of Singaraja, Bali.

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